Third day of Sage picking

10th of May 2017 First day Sage picking 2017
Trtar hill middle Dalmatia.
Altitude 450 m.

Third day – clear weather with high visibility, sunny, light wind that changes direction

The plant used nice weather to hurry up with flowering and accomplish her duty to propagate. The flower uses the smell to attract the bugs to pollinate the flowers and as an incentive the plant gives the bugs its nectar and flower powder (carbohydrates and protein) and bugs pollination produces a fruit with the seed that assures further propagation.

As visibility is perfect it is amazing to stand that high and see how nature can sculpture the terrain with river canyons, fields and plains, mountains and islands. Feels so special to pick at such a spot.

Today we hat record yield of 200 kg of flowers. Sage flowers are open and mostly pollinated so the plant smell intensity starts to weaken and the harvest is finished on Trtar hill for this year. We have picked a total of 400 kg of sage flowers and the best thing is that the whole hill is still purple with sage flowers and you cannot see that someone has been here.

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