A new flavor: STRAWBERRY!

Proudly, we introduce our newest family member: strawberry. A lovely, authentic strawberry cordial, crafted by hand and according to a traditional Croatian recipe.



The Strawberry Story

Who does not know the sweet taste of red and ripe strawberries? The strawberries we use are, just like our other plants and fruits, carefully picked by hand by our Croatian farmers. They make sure only the sweetest, ripest strawberries are used in our cordials. Therefore we are able to make a naturally sweet thirst quencher.

It is very important to us that we respectfully deal with our nature. That is why we make sure that, also with our new strawberry flavor, the farmers only pick the strawberries without harming our nature. We do this by teaching our farmers about phenology: the lifecycle of the plants. In short:


1) Pick just enough without damaging the plant

2) Respect nature

3) Only pick what you will use

And you can taste that. Also in our new strawberry flavor!


Our strawberry lemonade or cordial is lovely during the warm summer days, or to make some nice cocktails when you are having a BBQ with family and friends. Feel like going out? Take it to-go in your picnic basket!




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