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Agropošta syrup

Agropošta literally means "mail from nature" and that name goes perfectly with our syrups. All the plants and fruits we use are handpicked in several beautiful places in Croatia. Then, according to our own family recipes, they are processed into delicious syrups according to traditional methods. We do not use artificial additives and all syrups are very low in sugar. Our strawberry syrup really tastes like strawberries, our elderflower syrup has that typical soft elderflower taste and that goes for all Agropošta syrups: you taste nature!

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Ice Popsicle Box

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500 ml bottles


Agropošta syrup

Croatia has a varied climate and therefore we can choose from many different flavors. Besides some classics such as strawberries, raspberries and lemon, we also make syrup from mint, sage and lavender. You can make refreshing lemonades and delicious cocktails or mocktails, or you can use them to give your desserts an extra twist. We have listed some of our favorite recipes, you can find them here.

You'll find our products in large 500 ml bottles and in handy single-serve sachets. Don't know yet which flavor you like best or are you looking for a nice gift? Then our gift box is really something for you. This box contains no less than 5 different flavors and it fits through the mailbox: the perfect gift to send by post!

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