Scroppino with a raspberry twist

Sgroppino, as the Italians call it, is a cocktail and spoom, a delicious drink with ice cream that is used as a middle course during dinner or as a dessert after dinner. Be careful because it drinks away like lemonade!

The origin of this lovely drink lies in Venice. According to one story, the cocktail originated in the late 1970s when two brothers who owned a hotel accidentally ordered too much vodka. To be able to sell the vodka to their customers they experimented with different additives and the Sgroppino was born.

It is one of the easiest drinks to make, but it is important that the ingredients are of the best quality.


15 ml vodka
30 ml Agropošta raspberry syrup
50 ml prosecco
100 ml lemon sorbet ice cream


Take the lemon sorbet ice cream out of the freezer fifteen minutes before you start the recipe. Stir quickly and vigorously with a whisk (or a mixer) until a smooth mass is formed. Pour in the raspberry syrup, vodka and prosecco and stir quickly. Pour and serve à la minute.

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