Easy with Agropošta raspberry syrup

Easy with Agropošta raspberry

This delicious red cocktail is easy to prepare. And thanks to its colour, it is totally party-proof! It can be enjoyed with alcohol or as a non-alcoholic drink. In the latter case, just leave out the rum.

Ingredients of the Agropošta easy raspberry:

50 ml rum
30 ml Agropošta raspberry syrup
Half a squeezed lime
10 mint leaves crushed with crushed ice
Top with soda water


Mash the mint leaves with crushed ice. Take 2 whisky glasses and divide the rum and the raspberry syrup between the 2 glasses. Squeeze half a lime over both glasses and stir with a bar spoon. Taste every now and then and top it off with bubbly water. Garnish the glasses with a raspberry or two. To give the cocktail some acidity, you can also add a lemon wedge. Et voila! Easy does it – now you can go back to being with your friends.

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