Moscow Mule with Agropošta lemon syrup

The Mule has its origins in Manhattan in the 1940s. John G. Martin had a vodka distillery and Jack brewed his own ginger beer, both without much success. In a Manhattan bar, the gentlemen joined forces and came up with this drink. They called it ‘Moscow Mule’, referring to its origin. ‘Mule’ is an old-fashioned term for mixed drinks containing ginger, a citrus fruit and a liquor. It became a great success. A period entered the books as the ‘vodka craze’.

Ingredients Agropošta Moscow Mule:

45 ml vodka
1 can of ginger beer
30 ml Agropošta lemon syrup
1 sprig of mint

Use a copper cup filled with crushed ice. Add 45 ml of vodka with a bar measure. Then add the Agropošta lemon syrup and half the can of ginger beer until the cup is full. Stir (and taste) with a bar spoon. Garnish with mint and a slice of lemon and ready to go!

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