Fluffy Sage cocktail

Fluffy Sage

The velvety leaves of sage have an aromatic, earthy and bittersweet fragrance and flavour, which you can taste in our sage syrup. Combined with fresh lime juice, gin and some bitters, it creates a fancy cocktail with flavours that complement each other perfectly.

Flavour: Spicy – Fluffy – Flowery
Glass: Coupe

Preparation: Dry shake, shake again with ice and fine strain in chilled glass.

Garnish: dried rose petals and other edible flowers (optional)


30 ml Agropošta Sage syrup
20 ml lime juice
1 (pasteurized) egg white
50 ml London dry gin
5 dash Peychauds bitters

Shake the sage syrup, lime juice, egg white, gin and bitters first without ice. Add ice, and shake again. Pour the drink through a hawthorne strainer and then through a finestrainer into an ice-filled coupe. Garnish with dried rose petals and other edible flowers.

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