Making (non-alcoholic) cocktails? Take a look at our recipes

Agropošta syrups are also very tasty as an ingredient in a good cocktail or dessert. The syrups can give a surprising twist to your cocktails. How about a gin & tonic with sage syrup or a daiquiri with strawberry syrup?

Besides these classic cocktails you can also make delicious non-alcoholic cocktails with our syrups. Making a non-alcoholic cocktail is easier than you think. For example, replace the prosecco in a ‘hugo’ with sparkling water and voilà: you have a super tasty and refreshing alcohol-free cocktail!

Our syrups are made from hand picked fruits and plants. We handpick the ingredients with lots of love and respect for nature, and you can taste that in your cocktails.

We’ve listed our favorite recipes for (non-alcoholic) cocktails for you, let us inspire you!