It’s almost picking season..

It’s almost time for.. picking season!

What is picking season?

Every year all of our plants en fruits are picked by hand in Croatia to make our delicious cordials. So, how does the picking actually work? 


When we look at our “picking calender”, sage is the first plant that gets picked.  The flowers of the sage are picked along the Croatian coast in Lika-Senj en Sisak-Moslavina. The second plant we pick, is the elderflower. The elderflower gets picked in a different part of Croatia: the forests of Dalmatia. The sage and elderflower will be picked between april 27th and may 1st this year.  From the sage, only the flowers are picked (not the leaves). These flowers are the reason our cordial has the significant delicate and subtle taste. From the elderflower, only the blossoms are picked. Because of the climate of the forests, the elderflower is rich in oils which hold on the aromas very well. Therefore our we have the clear, but mild elderflower taste.


The nature reserves that are chosen to pick from, are located far away from the road, cities, villages and other agriculture. When the nature reserves are chosen and defined, a request is filed to ask permission to pick from the land and if this land is free from pollution over the past few years. If all requests are approved, the picking can start! Before any actual picking happens, the reserves are checked multiple times to define the actual day of picking. These checks are very important, because the picking happens when the plants are just about to flower. 


We hope to have given you a little more insight on the story behind the picking!





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