Cocktail glasses

Martini glass
Perhaps the first glass you think of when you think of a cocktail. A Martini glass has a thin, high stem with a distinctive triangular cut. It is designed for cocktails served without ice. Perfect for the classic Martini, but also for a Cosmopolitan or an Espresso Martini.

A coupe looks like a Martini glass, but is round instead of triangular. They are used to serve champagne, but are also very suitable as cocktail glasses. As with the Martini glass, it is better not to serve ice cubes in this glass because of its thinness.

Cognac glass
A cognac glass, which you sometimes see under the name sniffer, is a spherical glass with a short stem. Traditionally, these glasses are used to serve drinks such as – as the name suggests – cognac, whisky and bourbon. The idea behind the shape is that it ensures the drinks reach the right part of your tongue and the aromas are optimally absorbed by your nose.

Balloon glass
In a balloon glass, which as the name suggests is spherical in shape and often has a high stem, the flavours of gin come out best. It is therefore the most popular glass for gin tonics and other gin-based drinks.

Longdrink glass
A long drink glass is a good choice for cocktails made with the ‘build & stir’ method. It is easy to pour different ingredients into and to stir them well. The glass is also sturdy enough, so you can easily add ice to it.

A tumbler is another popular cocktail glass that is short, wide and cylindrical. It usually has a thick bottom and is used not only for cocktails, but also for whisky, for example. A great advantage of these glasses is that they are sturdy and can take a beating – and even the dishwasher.

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