Strawberry is the ultimate thirst-quencher!

Strawberries are deliciously sweet and that certainly applies to the strawberries we pick and process in Croatia. We select all the strawberries ourselves by hand and we pick them when they have a deep red color, then they are at their best. You can taste it in our Agropošta strawberry syrup, which is nice and sweet and really tastes like strawberries.

You can use strawberry syrup in different ways. You can make a delicious refreshing lemonade from it (tip: use sparkling water!) and a dash of syrup in the morning is also very tasty on top of your yoghurt.

Do you like cocktails with strawberry in them? Then the Strawberry Daiquiri , is really something for you! Adding strawberry syrup to the original recipe will give your cocktail a nice summer twist.

Check out our syrups with strawberry flavor.

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