A delicious lemonade or a summer cocktail: what are you going to make with raspberry syrup?

Raspberry is one of our favorite fruits. Raspberries have a distinct flavor that you can taste in your lemonades, mocktails and cocktails or desserts. Agropošta raspberry syrup is also ideal as a seasoning!

Thanks to the continental climate of Croatia, where we pick our raspberries, the raspberries that we use are extra sweet and full of flavor.We only take out the seeds and use all the rest of the fruit. That’s what makes Agropošta syrup stand out and so deliciously sweet andfull bodied.

Are you throwing a party or are your friends or family visiting? Check out our recipe page , here you'll find our recipe for an Apro Gimlet, a delicious cocktail with gin, and the alcohol-free Raspberry Sunrise! This refreshing mocktail with bitter lemon and raspberry syrup is delicious and looks very festive.

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