Lemongrass & ginger

Syrup with a spicy kick

With our lemongrass and ginger syrup you can give your drink a spicy kick. Sweet and spicy are in perfect harmony in this syrup.

Lemongrass is a famous seasoning in many cuisines around the world, and you may also know it by the name of 'sereh'. In this natural syrup, it gives a subtle, aromatic citrus flavor that goes very well with the spiciness of the ginger.

Ginger is especially famous for its fresh spicy taste, but it also has all kinds of hidden powers. For example, ginger is said to be good against nausea, to aid digestion and to have anti-inflammatory properties. Fact or fable: in our organic lemonade syrup it is especially delicious!

With our lemongrass & ginger syrup you can very easily make a refreshing lemonade by adding some flat or sparkling water. Feel like a little more adventure? Then try one of our mocktails or cocktails. Try our Tropical Grass cocktail.

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