Lemon is always a good idea!

Lemon might be the flavor for your 'normal' glass of lemonade. We have a standard jug of lemonade in the fridge: a delicious thirst-quencher that you can drink all day long. And if you have unexpected guests? Add some ice cubes and possibly a leaf of mint and you have a very refreshing drink that also looks very attractive!

Lemon has a nice fresh and sour taste, which goes well in lemonades, cocktails and mocktails, in your smoothies or in desserts; lemon is very versatile. For our syrup we use ripe lemons that we pick and squeeze by hand in Croatia.

Tip: make a Don Plex. This spectacular cocktail is made with lemon syrup and jalapeno peppers. By using just a little bit of jalapeno the cocktail will have a surprisingly light-spicy aftertaste which mixes beautifully with the lemon syrup.

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