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Kicking Strawberry

Ingredients 40 ml gin 20 ml St Germain elderflower 30 ml Agroposta strawberry cordial 30 ml fresh lemon juice Pinch of salt 1 egg white Rose petals Lime zest Preparation Pre-freeze your glass in the freezer. Shake all ingredients without ice. Shake all ingredients with ice and pour in to glass. Garnish with rose petals

Hop Elderblossom

Ingredients 40 ml Agropošta elderflower cordial ½ fresh lime 150 ml non-alcoholic beer Ice cubes Lemon wheel Two straws Preparation Put ice cubes in glass and squeeze half a lemon on it. Add the elderflower cordial and pour the non-alcoholic beer on top. Garnish with two straws and half a lime. Buy now Elderflower syrup

Raspberry Sunrise

Ingredients 50 ml bitter lemon 20 ml Agropošta raspberry cordial Ice cubes Two short straws Slice of grapefruit Slice of lemon Preparation Shake the first round of bitter lemon en Agropošta raspberry cordial in the shaker. Stir well and add ice cubes. dAdd second round of bitter lemon en Agropošta raspberry cordial. Shake and pour

Don Plex

Ingredients 1cm2 jalapeno 30 ml Agropošta mint cordial 15 ml Agropošta lemon cordial 150 ml tonic water Slice of jalapeño Fresh mint leaves Preparation Put 1 cm2 jalapeño in a glass and add ice cubes. Add both Agropošta cordials and add tonic water. Stir well and garnish with two straws, slice of jalapeño and a

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