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Mimosa met salie & grapefruit

Ingredients 2 sachets Agropošta sage cordial 0,75 ml of champagne (or prosecco) 250 ml grapefruit sorbet ice cream (only when served as a spoom) 1 fresh grapefruit Preparation (In champagne glasses) Divide the sachets sage cordial over 4 glasses. Add sorbet ice cream (when served as spoom). Pour champagne on top and squeeze grapefruit juice

Strawberry Daiquiri

Ingredients 30 ml rum Juice of half a lime 1 el Agropošta strawberry cordial 6 strawberries Big hand of ice cubes Preparation Wash the strawberries and remove the crowns. Put all ingredients in a blender until its smooth. Pour into glass.* * Make sure your blender can crush ice! Buy now Strawberry syrup 500ml bottle

Raspberry Sunrise

Ingredients 50 ml bitter lemon 20 ml Agropošta raspberry cordial Ice cubes Two short straws Slice of grapefruit Slice of lemon Preparation Shake the first round of bitter lemon en Agropošta raspberry cordial in the shaker. Stir well and add ice cubes. dAdd second round of bitter lemon en Agropošta raspberry cordial. Shake and pour

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