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Agropošta is available in several countries, please see below for the different distributors. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact us at

Our assortment

All products can be ordered in the following flavours: strawberry, raspberry, lemon, elderflower, sage, lavender and mint.

Cordial bottle

Agropošta 500 ml bottle is filled with cordial and can be diluted according to own taste. This bottle is ideal for home usage but also for HORECA. The bottles are packaged per 6 in a box.

Pre-mix bottle

Agropošta 250 ml glass bottle, non-carbonated ready to drink cordial beverage can be easily served. The bottle has a luxurious look and feel and the label resembles textile. The bottles are packaged per 12 in a box.


Agropošta sachets are packed in a display box of 50 and are available in a single taste or a mixed taste box. The product requires little shelf space and refrigeration is not needed.


The giftbox contains 5 sachets (all flavours except mint and strawberry) and a mini card with tips & tricks. They are packaged per 15 in a box. With larger volumes we give graduated prices and card can be personalized.

New: Agropošta bio ice popsicles

The Ice popsicles are available separately or in an outer box of 8 pieces.

The box contains 8 x 50 ml popsicles made from our ready to drink lemonade in the flavors strawberry, raspberry, lemon and elderflower. The boxes are packed per 20 in an outer box.

The organic 50 ml popsicles can also be ordered separately in the flavors strawberry, raspberry, lemon and elderflower. They are packed per 50 pieces in an outer box.

International Distributors


KG Company / Agroposta
Postbus 53205
1007 RE, Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 41975361

United Kingdom

JD Foodsgroup 14
Commercial Rd London
N18 1TP
+44 2088841639


Samoniklo Bilje ltd
Antuna Stipančića 16
10000, Zagreb
+385 91 163 60 91


Taste Distribution SAS
150 Rue Legendre
75017, Paris
+33 184 258384


Neubaugasse 60
1070, Wien
+43 660 3767090

United States

Product Launchers
75 South Broadway,
4th Floor, NY 10601
+1 914 523 1976