Did you know that with Agropošta you can do more than just make delicious lemonade? Be inspired by the various alcohol-free Mocktails, Cocktails with alcohol and food recipes.

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Agropošta organic lemonade syrups

We are Agropošta, makers of natural lemonade syrup based on plants, herbs and fresh fruit. From strawberry to sage and from lavender to elderflower: taste and discover your favorite flavor!

Out of love for nature

In 2011, the Croatian Svaic family started making syrups. They called the brand Agropošta, which means ‘mail from nature’. The basis of Agropošta – together with the love for nature – is all the knowledge that the Svaic family has about plants, herbs and fruit. You can taste that knowledge, which has been passed on for generations, in our organic lemonade syrup. ‘Artisan’ in its purest form. Not only do we do the picking by hand, we also make our natural lemonade syrup without large machines. This way we can be sure that only the very best ends up in our syrups. And, just as important: we can ensure that we only pick what we need, without damaging the plant. This way we can harvest the same plants and shrubs again every year and they will be preserved for generations to come.

Different surprising flavors

Our organic lemonade syrup comes in different flavors, from more traditional flavors such as strawberry and lemon to surprising flavors such as lavender, sage and lemongrass-ginger. With just some water – still or sparkling – you can make a delicious organic lemonade with our syrup in no time. A refreshing drink to enjoy all year round. Whether it is high summer and you need to cool down, or in the middle of winter to imagine yourself in a sunny place.

First-class ingredients

We only use fruit and plants of the highest quality for our natural lemonade syrup. We pick everything by hand, with great attention to nature. Because we only use the finest ingredients, we need to add almost nothing to transform the harvest into delicious syrups. Some sugar, water and citric acid is enough. Good to know: all our natural lemonade syrup is gluten-free, vegan, made with purely organic ingredients and we use no artificial additives or preservatives.

Party in your glass

Fancy a different kind of drink with our natural lemonade syrup? Our recipe page is full of surprising mocktails and cocktails to celebrate life with. For example, try our sage syrup in a gin and tonic or a Mimosa; pour a dash of lavender syrup into a cocktail with Lillet Blanc or use our strawberry syrup to give your Daiquiri an extra sunny accent. Also delicious: use one of our syrups in a dessert such as panna cotta, or pour a dash of it into your yogurt. Plenty of possibilities!

Choose your favorite

Agropošta’s natural lemonade syrup is available in sachets with just enough syrup for a large glass of organic lemonade, and in large bottles. Are you still in doubt? Then order the sample pack with our five most popular flavors. This way you can taste which flavor is your favorite. Also perfect as a gift! You will find all our syrups in our webshop, in the catering industry and in various stores throughout the country.

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