Natural Cordials

Agropošta is a cordial made with love following a traditional Croatian recipe.

We offer 4 different products.


Our stylish single-serve sachets are filled with cordial syrup. Unique packaging for Horeca, ideal for “on the go” and perfect for home usage.

Pre-mix Bottle

Our ready to drink glass bottles are filled with 250 ml of non carbonated refreshing beverage. The bottle has a luxury look and feel.


Our giftbox is filled with 5 single serving sachets. Add a personalized message for someone you care for and send in the post.

Cordial Bottle

This glass bottle is filled with 500 ml of our cordial. Mix the cordial with water to your taste and enjoy a glass of our refreshing drink.


Direct from nature to you

6 different flavors

Agropošta is a cordial made with love following a traditional Croatian recipe.
Ingredients of the different tastes



Our lemonade has a tart, natural taste that is characteristic for thick skin lemons. We source our lemons from small Mediterranean farms. Each lemon is hand squeezed to ensure they are all perfectly ripe. This process also ensures that we avoid bitter aromas that may enter the juice when you press the entire lemon fruit.


Mild end special

We hand pick fresh, young and wild grown, organic sage flowers at the moment when the bud is starting to become the flower and the plant releases its honey resin scent to attract wild bees to pollinate them. We pick our sage flowers on hard to reach hill tops in central Dalmatia where Salvia officinalis originates from.



Europeans have been in love with the taste of Elderflower from the Roman times when they were used to flavour food and drinks. The intense and clear taste and smell of elderflowers comes from a special variety that grow in the continental part of Croatia. We use only fresh flowers picked at the right moment when the flowers aroma is optimal.


Deliciously sweet

We get our raspberries from small Croatian farms where they are handpicked in perfect ripeness. They love the continental hot days and cool nights, this climate creates raspberries with a perfect balance of sweetness. We deseed them and keep all the fruit fibers to get a rich raspberry cordial.



For this refreshing, minty lavender drink we use the flowers of the organic Lavandula Angustifolia plant. This sort of lavender grows in the continental, cooler parts of Croatia. This climate makes the flavor of the flowers mild and gentle and therefor ideal for making our unique and surprising Lavender drink.



From a selection of over 200 mint varieties we chose Spearmint for our mint cordial as it has a distinct mint flavor that is mild and clear. This type of mint actually originates from Europe. We hand pick the leaves before the plant flowers to get the best aroma's. Lavender and sage both come from the mint family.

Gluten Free and no additives

No artificial colouring and taste enhancers

No preservatives

Natural ingredients

Direct from nature to you

About Agropošta

What the hell is Agropošta, you might ask yourself? Cordials prepared with fruit and plants picked in the wild. Trust us, it doesn’t get more natural than that. And, we go way back…. Well, a couple of years anyway. Agropošta is a family business that started producing natural cordials in 2011. These cordials are called Agropošta…

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Agropošta giftbox

  • The box is filled with 5 flavors of Agropošta single serve sachets Elderflower- Raspberry - Lemon - Sage - Lavender
  • The giftbox fits easily in the mail.
  • Put stamps on it and you are ready to go.
  • Ideal as a present. Or you can just spoil yourself.
Featured Image
  • “Did you know...”

    Agropošta Raspberry is delicious as an ingredient with all kinds of desserts...

  • “Did you know...”

    Agropošta lavender is a good alternative to use in Panna Cotta instead of vanilla. A delicious different twist…

  • “Did you know...”

    Agropošta is perfect for making champagne or prosecco cocktails...

  • “Did you know...”

    Agropošta can be used as a hot comforting drink...

  • “Did you know...”

    Agropošta is great for making cocktails...

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