Maak eens een lavendel cocktail….

Recept Lavendel Cocktail.

De smaak van lavendel is niet voor iedereen. You love it or you hate it. Na het drinken van deze cocktail ben je zeker om, als je dat nog niet was. Geniet van de bijzondere smaak van deze intens paarse plant.


vodka-Agropošta lavendel-citroensap-verse lavendel


Leng 100 milliliter van de lavendelsiroop iets aan met water en schenk dit in de tray. Laat circa 1 uur vriezen.


Schenk de vodka, citroensap en lavendelsiroop in de shaker, voeg de lavendelijsblokjes toe en schud de shaker goed. Schenk de cocktail in glazen. Garneer met een takje lavendel.


First day of Sage picking in the wild.

8th of May 2017 First day Sage picking 2017

Trtar hill middle Dalmatia.

Altitude 450 m.

First day – mostly cloudy, unstable, wind from different directions, showers all around

Before the harvest, we have done three inspections to determine the development of the state of the plants are at and precisely schedule the picking date. First inspection was done 2 weeks before the harvest, second 1 week before and the last one 3 days before the harvest.

Winter and early spring were very dry so the sage bushes were small and poorly developed, but healthy. Two days before the harvest we had heavy rain and even the night before we wanted to start picking it was still raining, so we had to postpone the picking for couple of hours for the flowers to dry. We started picking at 12:00.

Rain has strongly influenced the plant to start producing resin like juices, which is exactly what we are looking for, so just a gentle cuddle releases its intense fragrance meters away. Sage was at an ideal state for picking but we had three more rain showers that day so we had to stop and wait for the flowers to dry again. First day we picked only 50 kg but happy with the quality we get down from the hill at twilight.

almost time for Sage and Elderflower picking.

For our sage and elderflower cordials we pick in the wild. Because we have to pick the flowers at just the right moment we have to watch them closely and decide at the last moment when to start picking. Since the whether has been colder than normal this slowed the proces down and we have to wait. We will keep you posted!

Agropošta goes Antwerpen…

This coming Sunday we will be promoting Agropošta at Swan Market Antwerp. After successful editions in Utrecht and Rotterdam we will now visit our Belgian neighbours. So please visit us at the Grote Markt in Antwerpen and taste all of our flavours.

For our Belgian Agropošta fans it is good to know that we will be available at more places in Belgium in the near future. Keep you posted!

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