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Agropošta is a family business that we started in 2011 to produce high quality cordials. It is a result of generations of our family having a love for and knowledge about nature. As the name Agropošta suggests we want to provide you with cordials made from handpicked plants and fruit. Direct from nature to you.

Manual production and attention to detail is the way we assure the best results for all the drinks we produce.

Croatia is a very diverse country with 3 big climate areas, each offering expansive wildlife and plants: Mediterranean, mountain and continental. Knowing the terrain, its accessibility and local farmers lets us source plants and fruit from regions ideal for their cultivation. We educate our local farmers not only on determining and selecting the ideal plant species, but also on the

Phenology of each plant. Phenology is the study of the life cycle of plants. Knowledge of the plant’s life cycle and how that determines the taste and the composition is just as important as knowing which part of the plant you need to pick and how to handle it. Only the best plants and fruits pass our quality control and may carry the name Agropošta.

We create natural cordials

What we dedicate to

We dedicate to sustainability and ecology in all of our processes to ensure we leave our pristine wilderness pristine for the next generation. All plant and fruit leftovers are recycled. We have licenses and organic certificates for picking plants in the wild to ensure regulation. And last but not least, best practices are implemented by our pickers. This means that they: pick just enough not to harm the plant, appreciate other wildlife, don’t litter and pick only what we will use.

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